Fieldston Emerging Leaders program 

Welcome to Fieldston Emerging Leaders 

From the moment I visited Fieldston, I witnessed a whole new way of teaching and learning because I listened to big ideas from younger minds. Eight years ago, a group of 2nd Graders taught me about topics like water pollution and its effect on sea creatures and the concept of recycling. Every year the students became more confident in what they had to share and proud of their initiatives. With assistance from their teachers, the students made sure their young voices were heard. What if we could all be as brave as those 2nd Graders and advocate for what is right? What if we shared our ideas and worked on them fearlessly to create the change we want to see in our communities and beyond?    

At Emerging Leaders, we provide a safe space to empower our scholars to use their voices to innovate, explore, and advocate for the social change they want to see in the world. 

Our goal is to ignite our student's creativity and leadership skills while building an ethical community of upstanders who will be viable candidates for colleges and universities.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower and encourage students from all backgrounds to apply knowledge from multiple disciplines in order to find solutions to our ever-changing world. By doing this, we are developing and deepening their sense of purpose. 

Each student will be able to explore important and current global challenges and how these affect their immediate community. Some of these challenges include mental health, climate change, food equity, water pollution, health care, and more. 


Our scholars will be able to reinforce their research skills which will spark confidence and social competence in STEAM-related fields through action learning. Our Emerging Leaders curriculum includes a social-emotional learning component that will engage our students in community-building activities, as well as classes to further develop their leadership skills.

Each year our scholars start their summer on a five-day expedition that combines adventure, leadership, and project-based learning in locations throughout the country. Whether through discovering petroglyphs in Utah or building their own kayaks, campers deepen their understanding of the world.  

Our expeditions for 2023 will include sailing and camping in Acadia National park in Maine. 

Expedition on a schooner in maine  

Our scholars will experience a 4-day sailing trip in Maine

expedition in acadia national park

Our scholars will experience a 4-day backpacking trip in Acadia Maine

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